Thursday, January 31, 2008

Repeat This (video) it needs to be repeated...

Produced and directed by Paul Griffin for Your Hero films, here is our video for "Repeat This". Save the people and the planet in it.

Port of beats...

Here's a player on that includes samples of our tracks (available for sale/download) that were on our first album. A big thanks to the legendary Dj Tonk (japan hiphop pioneer) for the heads up.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

milkdipper/tonk/fineprint Japan Tour 2007

In order to commemorate our amazing Japan tour, our fellow guitarist/bassist san miguel made a "Japan Tour 2007" link on our website ( that includes Jon astonish's tour blog (detailed to the max) and corresponding pics. To continue on in that direction, we will be posting some other Japan pics that we've recently rediscovered. Here's the first set:

plug tunin...

Thought we would plug where you could buy our first album (cd and 12inch): (special deal at the bottom of homepage)
toronto retailers: moog audio (442 Queen Street W), criminal records (493 Queen Street W)
itunes: search "fineprint"
various online retailers: go to google and type "fineprint milk dipper"

go and buy now.

fineprint 2008

So we decided to start this blog to kind of act like an ongoing timeline of fineprint's doings and such for 2008. Our blog will most likely consist about us in the process of recording our second album, fineprint affiliated parties/event's as well as us simply living in the "416". Considering just how amazing 2007 went (album release in Toronto and Japan, as well as Milkdipper/Fineprint JAPAN tour) we could not be more excited about this year. Let's start.

fineprint 2008.