Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's been a long time, (we) shouldn't have left you...

...without a new blog to step to... Just had to loosely quote Rakim since we're still here like him. To keep anyone following up to speed, earlier in 2013 our song Wicked was featured in episode 3 of MTV's Washington Heights. Yet another accomplishment that totally reinvigorated and re-inspired our music and how far it can potentially go. Our sophomore album is nearing its final stages of completion and we're really excited, or as the kids say nowadays ''turnt up'', about it. I don't know about turnt up but we hope you turn it up when it does see the light of day. The city of Toronto has a lot of artists making serious movements but we're confident and up for the challenge of sticking out among the crowd with our sound. Countless hours (and multiple years) in the studio are about to materialize. Let the music speak for itself.

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