Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Special Guest Co-Host

The support of our album has been great so far, a lot of love shown by the Public Transit Recordings crew.  Shout outs to Moonstarr and The One Tash for playing "Beats Per Minute" and "Anyways" on Future Classic Radio, and big up to DJ Dialect and Splattermonkey for bumpin' "Greener Pastures", "Yell Sub" and "Hey Ms. D.J." on Bruckbeat Radio.

Special bless ups to Dialect and his family, letting me sub in for him on the Februay 4th edition of Bruckbeat Radio to co-host with Splattermonkey.  It was a super dope experience and I'm waiting to upload the show on because the joints Splattermonkey were very soulful.  Future soul, that is.  Tracks I've never heard of but instantaneously vibed with off of the bat.

Make sure to tune in on next Monday February 11th as I return for another show with Splattermonkey.  Gonna give shout outs, of course Splattermonkey will be spinning good music, talk about what's happening around the city as well as discuss the goings on that are relevant to us all

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